I Accept original T-Shirt – Proud

I retrieved some of my old clothes from lockdown and I put this T-shirt back on for the first time in ages! It’s the original design, ‘I Accept’ T-Shirt. I felt really proud putting it on over my head, it was the first ever item I bought along with the I Accept Hoody and mugContinue reading “I Accept original T-Shirt – Proud”

Crows Feet

Laughter is universally the best medicine but it comes with a catch; crows feet… While many people do all they can to rid themselves of the ‘wrinkles’ around their eyes, I would encourage a different approach. Embracing them for all that they are. Proof that you lived a life full of laughter, smiles and joy.Continue reading “Crows Feet”

Describing Unwanted Thoughts

How many overwhelming thoughts are you getting at the moment? How are you interacting with these thoughts? It can sometimes feel natural to want to fight these unwelcome thoughts, shout and scream at them! Does this help? Or does it just spoil your day? The next time you get an unwelcome thought I would likeContinue reading “Describing Unwanted Thoughts”